About the NBSSCA

The association was started in 1980 in Loveland, Colorado by Bill Bonser and a group of 31 charter members who shared a common goal of collecting items associated with the art and artifacts of the Old West. The Association has grown significantly since that first gathering. Read a more detailed history of the NBSSCA.

The NBSSCA currently holds three Board Meetings per year and one Annual Membership Meeting in conjunction with the June Board Meeting in Colorado each year. Read the current NBSSCA Board of Directors.

Members of the NBSSCA have formed a large family atmosphere of 1,500 collectors who meet throughout the year at various shows which are hosted by individual show promoters. The NBSSCA does not produce any shows but does encourage members to visit any shows they wish throughout the year.

The NBSSCA produces publications and an annual directory for member use. The publications contain a list of upcoming shows and auctions around the country, as well as information about collectibles, advertising and news about our members. The annual directory is a listing of the members and their interests and is provided to the members each January. The purpose of the directory is to encourage contact and friendship among the membership.

Hall of Fame

The original thirty-two founding members of the NBSSCA were inducted into the newly organized NBSSCA Hall of Fame in Loveland, CO, in June of 2002.

Of the original thirty-two members from 1981, thirteen were able to attend.

The NBSSCA Hall of Fame award is given to one well deserving recipient each year at the annual meeting in June. The nominees come from the membership and are voted on by the Board of Directors.

Following the initial induction of the founding members, the annual recipients have been:

Bill Adamson
Roger Allgeier
Bill Bonser
J. R. Bonser
Garnet Brooks
Freckles Bustos
Pat Crowley
Roy Frank
Marvin Gardner
B. E.Gelvins
John Gilmore
Paul Glause
Herman Harbison
Andy Hysong
Lee Jacobs
Gale Kennedy
Jim Laird
Wendell Madsen
Don Miller
Skeeter Mincic
Bill Nelson
Harold Perrin
Hi Pew
W. D. Raftery
Tanky Robbins
Steve Rudy
Don Ruth
Jack Salsbury
Charles Schreiner III
Frank Troxel
Bill Wiley
John Williams

  • 2003 – Tony Baratono
  • 2004 – Mary and John Villines
  • 2005 – Judy and Ernie Hoodenpyle
  • 2006 – Dr. Gerhard Malm, Jim Statler, Wayne & Natha Mitchell
  • 2007 – Hope & Wes Bisbing, Terry and Dick Engel and Joe Gish
  • 2008 – Jim & Kay Butler, Buddie Foster, Roger Wilmot, Linda Kohn, Joseph Sherwood
  • 2009- Ray Schuppan & Charlotte Hennigan, Brian Lebel, Don King
  • 2010 – Toby Jacobs and Dwight & Linda Huber
  • 2011 – No Hall of Fame Recipient Awarded
  • 2012 – John Dyer, Weldon Burgoon, Bob Hunn, Bruce Bartlett
  • 2013 – Dr. Bob Hart, Gene Rogers
  • 2014 – Paul Stuckey, Jack Ferguson, Win & Diana Bauer, Ed Guyton
  • 2015 – Linda & Jim Grimm
  • 2016 – Jim Cook, Jack Sprouse
  • 2017- Mary Nyholm Vidano
  • 2019 - Joe P. Flores
  • 2020 - None
  • 2021 - John Upton Holden, Bill Mackin
  • 2022 - Peg Schaffer, Larry Peck and Cindy DeBeer
  • 2023 - Jim Williams and Lyle Garner

NBSSCA Scholarship Fund

The NBSSCA raises money through donations to support a scholarship fund each year. Applications are available to anyone who has a relation in the NBSSCA and who has been a member for at least two years. Donations are either direct cash donations or items that are donated to various auctions with the proceeds earmarked for the Scholarship Fund. Applications are available in January of each year.

NBSSCA Marlin Spurgeon Crisis Fund

The NBSSCA also has donation fund to assist our members who may find themselves in need. Again, this fund is driven by cash donation or by auction proceeds.