Join us in the preservation and protection of our Western heritage

National Bit, Spur & Saddle Collectors Association in Simla, CO

In 1980 in Loveland, CO, Bill Bonser and a small group of traders and collectors founded the National Bit, Spur & Saddle Collectors Association (NBSSCA). The purpose of the NBSSCA is to preserve and protect our Western Heritage, to educate our members and the public, to introduce through a membership list people of similar interests, to promote fellowship, to facilitate and encourage the collecting and trading interests of our members and to promote the contemporary makers of the day.

We are the only association that has Western collectibles. If you have any questions about items we are collecting or want more information, be sure to give us a contact us!

We invite those who are interested in the preservation and collection of the Old West to join our association.

Contact Don and Janet Bailey

Don: 719-740-0658

Janet: 719-760-0773

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